Jacob Zenn, an adjunct associate professor on African Armed Movements and Violent Non-State Actors in World Politics at the Georgetown University Security Studies Program (SSP) and editor and fellow on African and Eurasian Affairs for The Jamestown Foundation in Washington DC, spoke to EER about the Islamic State (ISIS) reasserting its dominance over its renegade branch, Boko Haram, in Nigeria. The ongoing challenge of Al-Qaeda’s Al-Shabab, perhaps the most powerful jihadist group in Africa, to Somalia and its neighbors, and ISIS’s branch in the country, was also discussed. Other topics included ISIS’s outposts in the Congo and Mozambique, their interconnectedness with ISIS’s other hotspots in Africa and the potential dangers to neighboring states; the competition between ISIS and Al-Qaeda in West Africa that has been ongoing since 2020; and the implications of ISIS’s financial infrastructure in South Africa.


The EER Podcast with Maximilian Ruf, the deputy director of the research department at Violence Prevention Network.
The podcast discussed the recent arrests in Germany of far-Right extremists accused of plotting a coup, the nature of the Reichsbürger movement that is believed to be behind this conspiracy, and the German security response.


The EER podcast with Danny Citrinowicz, a non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council

The podcast discussed all aspects of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s revolutionary policies, from the hard power of militias and terrorism to the “soft” power of spreading its ideology through propaganda and disinformation.